AI Training Data Generator for Deep Learning based Robotic Systems

On-demand synthetic datasets for training machine learning models

Prototype new models by generating new dataset, increase model performance by expanding existing dataset, and iterate at super speed while staying 100% safe indoors during COVID-19.

How It Works?

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How projell works

Deep learning based robotic systems are bottlenecked by data collection. It’s extremely costly to obtain the hundreds of thousands of images needed to train the perception system alone.

Projell's API randomly generates snapshots of complex environments to help you train your deep learning based computer vision models that can easily perform image classification, object detection, and semantic segmentation.

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Costs a lot less than the time and money you would spend on data collection, really!



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AI Training Data Generator for Deep Learning based Robotic Systems

Projell's API generates custom datasets to help you train robotic vision AI without collecting training data. Sign up NOW!

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